Services Fee


We offer premium residential rental contracts for long-term tenants that are 11 months or longer.

The fee for our services is one month’s rental value plus GST. Please note that legal charges are not included in this fee.

If you require assistance with pre-tenancy work such as painting, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, cleaning, or other tasks, we can provide supervision or coordination for an additional fee + GST.


We specialize in high-end residential property re-sale deals and prioritize transparent communication throughout the process.

Our fee for re-sale deals of houses, apartments, or villas is 2% of the sale value plus GST, while our fee for land or plots is 3% of the sale value plus GST.

Rental Agreement

Execution of a Rental Agreement with Inventory Listing:
Fee: Rs. 7,000/- + GST
Ensure a smooth execution of the rental agreement with a new client, including a comprehensive inventory listing.

Execution of a Rental Agreement without Inventory Listing:
Fee: Rs. 4,000/- + GST
Facilitate the seamless execution of a rental agreement with a new client, excluding the inventory listing service.

Renewal of a Rental Agreement with an Existing Tenant:
Fee: Rs. 4,000/- + GST
Efficiently handle the renewal process of a rental agreement with an existing tenant, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Property Management

Experience hassle-free, end-to-end care and representation of your property with best practices, ensuring peace of mind for owners.

Fee: Rs. 1,00,000 + GST for 12 months (payable by the owner). Our comprehensive service includes day-to-day tenant interaction and resolving property issues that fall under the landlord's responsibility. Please note that tenant finding is not included and will incur an additional charge of one month's rental value + GST on top of the Property Management fee.

Terms and Conditions are applicable, as mutually agreed upon and provided in detail within the signed contract.